You must contact Nancy's Knit Knacks prior to returning an item for repair or credit. We want to make sure you need to return an item first of all.  9 times out of 10, the unit can be adjusted at your location by you (depending on the failure mode).

Plus if you purchased the item from one of our reseller's, you need to first deal with them. They can refund your purchase, if necessary, while we cannot. 

We perform all warranty work on NKK items. Our reseller's cannot, however, they can replace your unit if necessary.

We will troubleshoot the unit by phone/email directly with you.

If you return a unit without securing our authorization it will delay your repair and your credit. Don't do it.

Also, if you are authorized to return a unit you will need to ensure that it is packed properly and is properly protected inside the box to avoid being scratched

Please call us at 800-731-5648 if you want to get authorization to make a return for a unit purchased directly from us. Our email is