Although we include a table mount yarn tensioner with our skein-winders, these are really intended to provide "guidance" rather than tension to the yarn. Be careful when using tensioners. They can cause the yarn to be too taut which will stretch your yarn and possibly damage our equipment.

Skeins wound on our system should not be super tight.

Be careful when feeding yarn from an umbrella swift to our skein-winder. Make sure the skein on the umbrella swift is not too tight. Having tight skeins on the umbrella swift makes it harder for the skein-winder or ball winder to pull the yarn off.

Also, always keep as straight a line as possible in the yarn path. From the swift to our skein-winder maintain a straight line, Do not cause the yarn to make turns as it makes it way to the skein-winder. This only adds unintentional tension.