Look for a raised section between the Run and Jog buttons or between the Stop and Run buttons. If there is a ridge or raised section, that is a sign that the membrane may have flexed and damaged the sensitive circuit which is embedded in the membrane material.


This condition may occur in units shipped in 2012 and 2013. It is a result of the wood shrinking and expanding due to dryness and humidity. There is also a section that was not secured to the wood surface and this probably contributed to the problem.


Older units shipped from 2008 - 2011 and into 2012 generally do not suffer from this problem because of the design of the membrane itself.


  1. Solution - NKK needs to get the Power Base back in order to replace the membrane panel.
  2. We no longer recommend that the user try to install this panel themselves except in extraordinary situations such as an international customer.
  3. Difficulty - moderate - see attachment which shows the process

Please contact us at 800-731-5648 or by email info@nancysknitknacks.com (or create a support ticket above) and let us know you have a problem. We will then contact you to make sure that the unit needs to be returned and make arrangements to have UPS or FedEx pick the box up.

You will need to safely package the Power Base and have it ready for pickup.

We will turn the unit around quickly upon receipt.


NKK Support