You'll be surprised how easy it is to replace a motor in our Power Base.

If you have reached the point at which the motor must be replaced and you have confirmed that it is not caused by some other problem (listen to our podcast on youtube ), then it may be time to change the motor.

  1. Remove the ballwinder from  the top of the power base.
  2. Disconnect the power from the power base ( and EYM and foot pedal if connected)
  3. Flip the power base over so you are looking at the bottom
  4. Remove the four screws.
  5. Flip the base away from the main power base housing.
  6. Disconnect the cable that runs between the motor and the printed circuit board inside the power base.
  7. Look at the metal pulley on the motor and find the set screw hole in the pulley.
  8. Loosen the set screw
  9. Pull the pulley off of the motor shaft.
  10. Using a #1 or #0 Phillips screwdriver, remove the 4 mounting screws that hold the motor to the sheet metal mounting bracket. Set aside with the washers.
  11. Push the motor from the front (where the 4 screws were) and push it backward to remove it from the sheet metal bracket.
  12. Slide the new motor into the rear of the sheet metal bracket. Special note here - see attachments which talk about the motor sleeve and grommet.
  13. Align the 4 holes in the motor with the 4 holes in the sheet metal bracket but make sure that you have access to the FLAT portion of the motor's shaft so you can tighten the pulley onto this flat area.
  14. Insert the 4 screws along withn4 lock washers provided with new motor. Tghten them all and make sure they are all equally tight.
  15. Attach the pulley and make sure the set screw is over the flay portion of the shaft. Leave a 1/16" or 1/8" gap between the motor screws and the pulley. They must be a gap between the otor and the pulley or they might touch.
  16. Thoroughly tighten the set screw by using the long portion in your hand and the short portion of the Allen Wrench in the set screw. You cannot tighten a set screw by holding the short length.
  17. Connect the cable.
  18. Mount the bottom of the power base against the top while the top is uposide down. Insert 4 screws and tighten.
  19. MAKE SURE That no wires are pinched along the edge of the wooden housing.
  20. Flip the unit over and connect the power.
  21. Run a test to make sure the unit turns on and the motor turns.
  22. Make sure the pulley on the ball winder is directly over the pulley inside the power base. If not, adjust the pulley on the ball winder (or in the power base) if necessary.
  23. Install a new belt.
  24. Don't forget to clean your ball winder's gears out as well. A dirty ball winder is the fastest way to prematurely age your new motor.

Have any problems in this process? Create a new support ticket at the top right of screen. Click on the word "New."