The Yarn Pet consists of just a handful of parts:

  • a 4" x 6" hardwood base
  • a yarn guide post with an integrated wireform yarn guide
  • a wooden disc
  • 2 steel collars
  • 1 Allen Wrench
  • Stainless steel rod (6-3/4" or 8-1/4" tall)

One of the Yarn Pet pictures that was used in the instructions shows a small black vinyl cap that fits on the end of the rod. The purpose of the cap was to protect the user against getting scratched if their arm passed over the rod.

At one time we were going to insert this part on the rod until we discovered that it could sometimes interfere with the ease of removing the ball of yarn from the rod. So we decided to leave it off. However, the picture survived and users get confused and think they need it. Trust us, you are better off without the cap!