The original Row Counter Plus had 2 small dip switches inside. These were supposed to be left alone and never accessed by the user. These switches changed the type of counter that the unit was into 3 scientific modes which knitters would never use.

Almost everyone that ever went inside to change the battery, including jewelers and battery store clerks, ALWAYS felt the need to throw these 2 switches. That is where the trouble started.

The unit has to have the battery removed before the switches can be changed. So when users changed the switches, then removed the battery and installed a fresh battery, the counter would no function normally and the ujser would be confused.

So here is what you need to do to change a battery in this unit.

  1. Open the back of the unit with a #0 Philips screwdriver.
  2. Fold the back up and away (it is hinged at the top of the case)
  3. Leave the switches alone!
  4. Push the  battery toward the right side and it will pop up and out.
  5. Do not try to move the black plastic battery holder, it is immovable and will break if you force it.
  6. Just press the battery sideways to the right and it will pop up. Then remove it.
  7. Then press the right side oif the new battery into the right side of the battery holder and press the left side down until it snaps in place.
  8. Turn the unit over to see if it is working, if it is, flip it over and attach the back with the single screw.
  9. If it does not work, repeat the battery installation process.

NOTE check the switch settings before you start. They should look like the switches in the attached pictures. If not, remove the battery, wait 30 seconds, change the switch settings to match the picture and it should work properly. Then  install the battery.

If it still does not work and you see funny character shapes on the screen, the unit may have finally failed.